Radicle is the botanical term for the embryonic root that first emerges when a seed germinates (sprouts).  This blog is for everyone, but most especially for educators and families interested in learning through gardening and cooking.  Mostly, this site aims to hold a space for sharing ideas, resources, and bits of beauty.  Thank you for joining me.

summer meDjamila Moore

As an environmental educator based in Portland, OR I draw inspiration from my students, young and younger, as they study a worm in their hand, taste lovage for the first time, and share stories of their grandfather’s cooking.  After over nine years of working with children in the classroom, kitchen, forest, and garden, I have come to regard food and ecological education as central to learning about ourselves and the natural world, as well as bringing life and meaning to every curricular subject.  I hold an MA in Science Education but my real learning comes through engaging with people and soil, saving seed, exploring trees and shores, and testing pickle recipes.




2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thank you, Linda. I aim to keep thinking about this work through a critical lens- trying to consider the privileges I’ve been afforded, the inequity that exists in regards to access to this kind of education, and the ways in which we need to remain conscious to the unique cultural differences (and shared values) in growing and eating food. I appreciate your perspective and feedback!


  2. Djamila, Oh, how I wish that my grandson, Xavier, could be a student in your class. He would love you and learn so much. Thank you for introducing me to the term Radicle. I think of the unfolding of a student as they learn to write, read the world through a critical lens, or learn to open their body in dance. I can’t wait to read more of your blog. Bravo!


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